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The company became better known for their very successful Vivitar brand and eventually changed the company name to Vivitar Corporation. Lenses in this family were manufactured by Kino Precision. Founder and chief designer at Opcon was Ellis Betensky, who had previously worked for Perkin-Elmer on projects such as the Sky Lab Zoom Telescope.

The families are listed in roughly chronological order of introduction. See also: Cameras 35mm Film Cameras Interchangeable Lens 35mm Cameras Listed in order of release date and ascending model number. The 50mm variants and 135mm are quite common. The year after the takeover Vivitar experienced a four million dollar profit. By 1988 Vivitar has reached 100 million US dollars in annual sales.[19]In the late 1980s Vivitar introduced self-contained, battery-powered auto-focus lenses.
They would still outsource the manufacture of the lenses to other companies but the designs would be Vivitar’s. These new high-quality lenses were badged as Vivitar Series 1 lenses. Only one such lens was ever commercially distributed though at least one other is known to have reached the prototype stage. But in 1964[1], after losing Rollei and Olympus distribution rights, Ponder & Best decided to come up with their own brand and rebadge the equipment they sold.[9]They chose Vivitar as their brand name. Remove the 8×8 units and solder up the connections to the rows and columns. Vivitar was an American distributor of photographic equipment from 1938-2008. Originally founded under the name Ponder & Best, Inc., the company was established in Santa Monica, California in 1938 as a distributor of photographic products by Max Ponder and John C. Best. Solder these where they will be mounted in the subvisor, as each section will have a slightly different curve to it. (pic 5)Once soldered, you can remove the LEDs from the subvisor by pressing lightly on the front of them.

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